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Real world applications, one person and one team at a time.

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Dear Perspective Client:

Gary A. Johnson Company and Associates, LLC (GAJCO), is a management training and consulting company. As a training organization, GAJCO has earned a reputation for providing quality consulting, facilitation and training services in the areas of diversity, harassment prevention, coaching, team development, strategic planning, workplace violence prevention, stress management, motivation and personal development.

With our strategic partners we offer a multi-cultural team of specialists who work with the private sector companies in a variety of industries, including many Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Our training philosophy is pragmatic in that we are short on theory and longer on “real world” application as we seek to improve productivity and garner results using our interactive “one person, one team” at a time approach to learning.

For quality training, facilitation and motivational speaking that will give your organization a competitive advantage and a winning culture, contact us today and arrange for your free consultation to gain insights to help identify blind spots or problems areas in your organization that may need immediate attention.

My colleagues and I are experts in motivating people, solving problems and improving communication in the workplace. Almost everything that we do focuses on the TEAM. We know how to help our clients clarify their objectives, address their challenges and achieve their goals. In short, we can help you solve problems. In addition, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients. If that’s not enough, we can help you build your leadership skills, and motivate your staff to go the extra mile.

I invite you to discover why we are the best-kept secret in the training and consulting business. Our fees are competitive and we guarantee satisfaction.
Warm regards,
Gary A. Johnson
Gary A. Johnson
Founder, The Gary A. Johnson Company & Associates, LLC

Mission Statement
Our mission is simple. Work hard, smart and provide competitive consulting fees, the first time, as well as positioning clients to build value in themselves and their organizations, in order to manage their own destinies and careers.

Our work begins with a vision. We have found that listening and building on our clients’ goals is the key to successful outcomes. Once this shared vision has been established, we execute every detail with one goal in mind ― provide exceptional service to our clients.

GAJCO listens to its clients and addresses their needs, recognizing differences and leveraging them to the client’s benefits, as well as providing honesty, professionalism and a high level of respect.

Colleagues and independent consultants, each with an average of 25 years of experience, comprises the Gary A. Johnson Company and Associates, LLC (GAJCO). These seasoned entrepreneurs, having owned or managed their own businesses, are keenly aware of the challenges facing today’s growing businesses, by continuing to stay current in their field of expertise. GAJCO believes businesses searching for consultation, desires skilled, knowledgeable and competent consultants.



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The GAJCO Approach

Our Network

Through the use of our network, we have direct access to a team of professionals who share their insights on how managers can lead more effectively and improve their job performance. All of our staff members provide quality management and consulting services in almost every area of human resource management.

Our Training Methodology

  • Is interactive

  • Takes on a non-confrontational approach

  • Focuses on behavior

  • Explores the economic impact of harassment

  • Teaches an effective communication

Motivational Presentations

Topics range from "The ABC's of Success" to "Whose Job Is It Anyway?" GAJCO’s motivational speeches effectively deal with morale, appropriate dress, motivation, leadership, personal empowerment, respect in the workplace, and teambuilding.

Executive Coaching

This service provides discreet coaching and development for those managers, leaders, and supervisors who need help in a particular area of their job. It also includes mediating disputes and helping employees effectively deal with other areas of conflict.

Feed Your Mind—As Well As Your Body!

Short Seminars

Our short lunch seminars are 90-minute interactive workshops designed to focus on specific topics, management processes, or competencies. We give you the opportunity to be at your desk in the morning, take time out for an informative seminar and get back to work for the afternoon. The sessions are highly interactive and non-confrontational with straight talk, focusing on behavior with a real-world focus. Most of our Lunch seminars can be expanded to half- and full-day workshops.

We have a diverse team of experienced speakers and practitioners in the selected topic areas that will share insights, tips and techniques. Learning has never been so easy and tasteful — a smorgasbord of topics and food!

Half-Day and Full-Day Workshops

Sometimes it’s possible to prevent problems before they occur. Both our half-day and full-day workshops are interactive sessions, designed to focus on specific topics, management processes, or competencies.

Ask about our multi-day Employee Developmental Workshops and Job Mastery Series seminars for employees.

What Makes Our Workshops So Successful?

  • Concise and innovative presentations

  • The latest research and methodology

  • Knowledgeable presenters

  • Elevant handout materials

  • An informal atmosphere for learning


Help your team increase productivity, one person, and one team at a time. For more information call (301) 449-4335.


Terrorism Training for Organizations

This course is designed to provide training in domestic and international terrorism. The goal is to provide a working knowledge of past and present terrorist/criminal extremist groups and individuals, their activities and tactics, and how to recognize and report potential indicators of terrorism and criminal extremism.

Upon completion participants will be able to enhance their preventive capabilities by incorporating anti-terrorist techniques on the job; recognize potential terrorist/criminal extremists; recognize and collect relevant intelligence; and make informed judgments about when and to whom suspicious information should be reported.

Speak Up: You're More Likely To Be Promoted From a Standing Position

The fear of public speaking is a reality among most Americans. It is a fear that inhibits professional growth and success. The ability to speak with confidence and in an articulate fashion in front of others is a skill that must be learned, practiced, and cultivated. Work environments that provide their employees with the opportunity to become more proficient speakers are rewarded with a more competent and successful workforce.

The modules in this full day seminar include:

  • Techniques For Reducing Anxiety

  • The Secret Of Successful Delivery

  • The Art Of Informative Speaking

  • The Basics Of Persuasive Speaking

  • Mastering Meeting Facilitation

  • Overcoming Your Fears


Each module will include instruction, discussion, and speaking activities. The primary focus will be on extemporaneous delivery because of its prevalence in the workforce and audiences prefer this approach. In addition, manuscript and impromptu speaking will also be covered. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive feedback from the facilitator as well as their peers in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere.

Most employees recognize their personal need to improve their public speaking skills. This session will give your employees the tools they need to tackle almost any future speaking opportunity with confidence.

Negotiate For “Win/Win”

Negotiation is the “game of life." Learn how to manage difficult conversations and discuss and build relationships along the way. Many employees underestimate the importance of negotiation. You don’t always get what you deserve; sometimes you get what you negotiate. Think about it. Your ability to negotiate can give you a competitive edge in managing your career. This workshop will share some of the basic rules and strategies for negotiating, including advanced preparation, styles of bargaining and how to position the other side for win/win.

A + Meetings: Increasing Productivity Through Effective Meetings

Many organizations haven’t given management of meetings enough attention. Organizations that don’t seriously work on improving their meetings pay the price of lower productivity, loss of revenue, and employee unrest and boredom. Are you and your co-workers meeting a lot more but enjoying it less? Why do we do such a poor job of conducting meetings? Conducting better meetings can help any organization get better results. The A+ Meetings workshop can help you increase productivity and can be customized to fit the needs of the organization. Participants who attend This workshop will learn the 6 Foundation Items We Should Include In Our Meetings and the 6 Bad Habits (Culprits) We Should Remove From Our Meetings that make many meetings unproductive and frustrating.

Managing Change Series of Seminars

This is a series of change seminars with an emphasis on either stress or time management. Job-related stress accounts for a tremendous amount of personal misery and billions of dollars in lost revenue in the form of low productivity, absenteeism, and higher medical bills. Managing job- related stress makes good business sense. This seminar will help participants set goals, share coping strategies, identify the signs of stress, and help balance work-related and leisure activities.

Effective Time Management: How To Get 26 Hours Out Of Your Day

Time management is a critical skill. This seminar shows participants how to take control of their lives at work and at home using effective planning techniques, time management tools and technology (personal computing devices). Core objectives include how to identify areas of time management that need to be improved, ways to deal with interruptions and the top 20 timewasters.

You Are The Difference: Providing Superior Customer Service

Today’s customers are different. They have more choices and, are more demanding. Further, their expectations sometimes “appear” to be unreasonable. To stay competitive, organizations must not only focus on customer retention and loyalty, but also they must learn how to create an “emotional connection” or partnership. And organizations must devise different and unique ways to approach the customer in ways that are different and unique. Customers who believe they are treated as partners are much more likely to be devoted to an organization, product, or service. Participants who enroll in this seminar will learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” of customer service excellence.

Course topics include: the 10 commandments of customer service, customer relationship management, customer service phone tips, how to handle difficult or emotional customers, why customers complain, how to explain unpopular policies, active listening, building rapport, and more.

Membership Has Its Privileges: The Art Of Networking

Do you know how to network? To understand the important role that networking plays in career development, you need to be able to assess your level of readiness to participate in organizational activities. This seminar will help participants identify the steps in effective relationship building and discuss the “Do’s and Don’ts” of networking.

Building Strong Teams

Teams produce higher-quality results in a more organized and efficient fashion than individual efforts. Therefore, team effort is the competitive advantage many organizations are seeking to help them win and achieve outstanding results. One of the secrets that lead to harmony and productivity is managing relationships effectively. Participants will be given building blocks that lead to collaborative relationships and "win/win" strategies.

You Are Everything: Developing Professional Image

This workshop focuses on image. You’re expected to perform and perform well. Learn the role of image in organizations. Maximize your potential by improving your ability to communicate, dress and develop relationships that matter.

The Evolution Of The Secretary

Years and years ago, the secretary (almost always a woman) took dictation, transcribed the dictation into letter format, had her boss (almost always a man) sign the letter, typed the envelope, and mailed the letter. And she answered the telephone, took messages for her boss, to return calls, got the boss him a cup of coffee, ran his errands, handled his guests, and kept track of his appointments. We’ve come a long way, baby!
Today’s secretary faces greater challenges and responsibilities. He or she must be able to multi-task, stay current with technology, communicate effectively, exercise sound judgment, and manage people. This seminar will offer tips on how to be successful on the job and meet the demands of one of the most important positions in the world of work.

How To Communicate Across Cultures

One of the best methods for understanding people is to see things through their eyes. Understanding how other cultures act, react, and view the world can go a long way in helping people relate to and work with those who do not act, react, and think as we do.

Using the concepts from the American Cultures Learning Game, participants will have an opportunity to learn about other cultures without feeling hostile or defensive. This understanding, when applied, can help remove barriers between people of different cultures. Attending this seminar will increase an individual’s awareness of other cultures and help him or her to make appropriate generalizations--and not stereotypes--as a basis for learning.

Building Trust In The Workplace

TRUST is the number one human motivational factor in the workplace. Trust can’t be negotiated, tacked onto a paycheck, stored in a locker, or perched on a desk. A lack of trust in a workforce can increase stress, reduce effectiveness, and cause turnover. Can you afford not to get it wrong?

In this fast- paced seminar, participants will learn the “nuts and bolts” of how to build trust in the workplace. Utilizing these skills, individuals will increase your their overall effectiveness and enhance increase your their value to the mission. Using the “Trust Bank Account” (TBA), participants will also learn how to build, maintain, and replenish your their TBA with supervisors, co-workers, and family members.

Body Language: Sending Signals Without Words

Your ability to read and understand another person's body language can mean the difference between making a great impression or a very bad one! Understanding body language can help you in job interviews, meetings, and negotiations. What you don't say often conveys more meaning than what you do say. People constantly transmit and receive non-verbal messages, often revealing their attitudes and feelings before they say a single word. Being aware of non-verbal behavior can help you decode signals and enhance your ability to communicate and work effectively with others.

Make sure that your words are congruent with your behavior. Knowing how to read body language is nice; knowing how to use it can be critical. When individuals are in stressful or uncomfortable situations, many of us have habits that perhaps give the wrong impression of our abilities. Don’t let this happen to you. Attend this seminar and learn how to send the right message.

Discovering The True Advantage: Working with People with Disabilities

Does your office or team need people who are determined to succeed in the face of adversity? Do you need people who know the true meaning of the word “team” and strive to do a good job every day? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to attend this seminar. Believe it or not, the “true advantage” employee is already on the payroll and flying beneath your radar.

This workshop will provide supervisors and co-workers with advice on how to work that they need to know when working with someone who has a disability or difference. Participants will learn how to leverage the differences in employees, including the cultural aspects of the Deaf community. Exploring these cultural aspects will allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of the language needs of both the Hearing and Deaf employees. Information on the impact of education, the relevance of social issues, and the significance of American Sign Language will also be presented.

Attitude Is Everything

Believe in yourself! Your attitude is the primary force that will determine whether you succeed or fail. The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist finds opportunity in every difficulty. Being cheerful, patient, and punctual helps you to develop a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). In a workplace setting, managing one’s attitude also involves keeping others informed. If you want to improve your performance on the job and make an impact on people and the organization, you need to take this course.

The Value Of Feedback

Giving feedback is a critical skill. So why do so many individuals place so little importance on feedback? Knowing how to give and receive feedback will be of benefit to you and the organization. Take this workshop and learn the critical skills of giving and receiving feedback.

Preparing For Success: How To Be A Star Performer At Work

What does success mean to you? Do you know what it means to be a successful “knowledge worker?” Learn how to assess your situation, take moderate risks, and set challenging goals for advancing your career. In addition, learn how to earn a reputation as a star performer and contributor to your organization. Other topics include taking the initiative, mastering your current responsibilities, knowing your boss, learning how to give and receive feedback, networking, and action planning.

Speaking with Confidence

Do you experience high levels of anxiety when asked to give a presentation in front of a group? Career advancement often provides and requires more public speaking opportunities. Research reveals people with high communication apprehension hold different views on speaking, and prepare differently than those with low levels of communication apprehension. Gain the skills that you need to reduce your anxiety and articulately deliver your message. By conquering your fear, you will be able to speak with confidence.

Managing Stress

Manage everyday stress more effectively. Learn to recognize early signs and symptoms of stress and to control negative effects through meditation and visualization. This thought-provoking, action-packed training includes understanding the meaning of stress, evaluating individual areas of stress, and developing a personal action plan for stress reduction. Participants will define stress in realistic terms, discuss the warning signs of stress, recognize the importance of planning work, and create an action plan for stress reduction.

Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Harassment

Did you know that, despite widespread recognition of sexual harassment, organizations are still making mistakes about harassment issues? Is your organization aware of what constitutes harassment? A hostile work environment can be grounds for a lawsuit and can affect productivity and morale. Do your employees know what behaviors to avoid? If you're not sure about the answers to these questions, then you need to attend enroll in the “Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Harassment” seminar. This seminar will educate you and your employees and prevent counterproductive practices and behaviors. The seminar is non-confrontational and uses the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) guidelines to define harassment and sexual harassment.

The Fine Art of Listening

Most individuals can easily identify a coworker or supervisor with ineffective listening habits, but are you truly aware of how others perceive your listening skills? Few things make people feel more valued than having someone genuinely listen to them. Business analysts estimate that billions of dollars are lost each year due to poor listening skills. Effective listening in the workplace promotes job satisfaction and employee retention. Listening is a complex physiological and psychological process. Hearing is innate, but listening is a skill that requires proper training. This informative seminar will both educate and motivate you to improve your listening skills. Verbal and nonverbal attending behaviors, paraphrasing, reflecting, note- taking skills, the identification of turn-taking behaviors, and perceptual filters are some of the topics that will be discussed. Becoming a competent listener will enhance your professional and personal relationships.

Other Lunch topics include: Dress for Success, Managing Change and Stress Management, Managing Change and Time Management, Communication Styles and Strategies: What Messages You We Sending?

Note: The majority of our seminars can be expanded to half and full-day formats.