Carla Scopeletis retired from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after 33 years as an analyst; a manager with positions of increasing responsibility; a senior inspector with the Office of Inspector General who headed numerous teams examining critical issues affecting the resources, organizational structure, personnel policies, and strategic planning for the CIA; and, finally, the Associate Deputy Inspector General for Inspections. A member of the Senior Intelligence Service, she received seven SIS Performance Awards and a Meritorious Officer Stipend for Achievement. While at the Agency, Mrs. Scopeletis was actively involved in mentoring women, working on various studies designed to break the “glass ceiling,” speaking on issues relating to women in the workplace, and working actively with managers at all levels to increase opportunities for hiring and advancement of minorities.

Upon her retirement, Mrs. Scopeletis started her own consulting business, working primarily for the Intelligence Community. Many of the consulting jobs involved examining personnel policies, including issues such as feedback, open communication, establishment of fair and “transparent” career panels, grievance and discrimination processes, and the role of training and education in career development. She has been a consultant for Organization 21 for the past two years and is a professional actress.

Mrs. Scopeletis received a B.A. in History with Honors from Wittenberg University and an M.A. in International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Mrs. Scopeletis is also a graduate of the National War College.