Janice Wilson is a Diversity Consultant and Human Relations Specialist who is currently retired from the Federal Government after 35 l/2 years of federal service. During her career, she sought and obtained positions of increasing responsibility rising to a mid-management position as a Program Manager. Her responsibilities included managing and leading a Diversity Best Management Practices program for over 5,000 employees. Mrs. Wilson is a certified Instructor and training consultant specializing in management and leadership development. Her most recent experience is in working with the local Board of Education and her county public school system. Mrs. Wilson has provided diversity training to High school, middle school and elementary school teachers. She was recently called on to work with the school principals and vice principals. She is certified in the use of the PDI Profilor Instrument and has experience working with managers and employees helping them interpret their feedback. Mrs. Wilson has also provided one on one coaching to senior level federal government personnel. She has received numerous performance awards and kudos for her work in this area. Mrs. Wilson’s background is in Human Resource Development and she has worked as a Human Resource Manager. Her non-confrontational style has proven to be very effective in working with difficult audiences. She is known for engaging in straight talk that facilitates progress for everyone she consults with.