While training others, a good trainer must be able to respond to many different perspectives and questions. However, an excellent trainer must be able to respond to any question or comment from the audience instantaneously by thinking on “his/her feet.” Having seen Gary Johnson in action on numerous occasions, we have personal knowledge of his multiple talents and know that he is an excellent trainer. He is a gifted, masterful, and insightfully quick thinker. Gary thinks and acts in a manner that engages participants and causes them to listen intently.

He is a vibrant and competent speaker who engages his audience in a rewarding learning process. Gary makes difficult subjects easy to understand and digest. His data is current, relevant, and very useable to the listeners.

Gary is very talented in turning the most sensitive subjects into meaningful conversations that help resolve people’s issues. His excellent use of humor diffuses subjects that all too often are tense and cause angry moments as people struggle to resolve their own painful internal issues and those they have with others.

Jacqueline B. Dickens and Floyd Dickens, Jr.

Authors of The Black Manager: Making It In The Corporate World, published by the American Management Association in New York.